Silas loves a good routine. He can usually figure these things out before I do, even–who gets up when, what time lunch is, when my husband comes home from work, what route we take through the park. Most dogs like routine, in fact, but it can be a bit of a double-edged sword.

We’ve been giving Silas a Kong around 5:30, when the neighborhood gets noisy. This is supposed to cut down on his barking. And it does, for the thirty minutes or so he has the Kong.

After four or five days, he came to expect the Kong.

After a week, he sits in his crate and cries if he doesn’t have it by 5:45.



4 thoughts on “Routine

  1. Silas is just way too smart!!

    I feel so fortunate to have Blueberry who just kind of rolls with the punches and seems to accept my tardiness with certain tasks. Although she has a penetrating stare if I dare not take her out at the exact same time every evening.


  2. Delilah knows 9 pm is snack time. Some nights she starts at 8:30, pestering. But I won’t give in:) I love how they somehow know when we are in the car and get to our street too, despite the fact that they are lying down.


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