Silas and the Baby, Part Two

We’re back to see my parents again (we’re on a pretty regular schedule since my grandfather died in January. My mother likes the company), and it’s been interesting to see how Silas has adapted to things since the last trip.

This morning, we hopped out of bed to run outside before it started to rain. Silas ran over to the kitchen, and there was . . . THE BABY. My mother was holding her, and my brother was standing further back in the kitchen. I was a little behind Silas, and it took me a second to realize what was going on. I hadn’t heard them come in. Imagine my surprise when I spotted Silas, looking up at the baby. No barking.

I called him to go outside, put on his leash, and he ran back for one more look. He didn’t bark even then, when I was 100% sure that he was seeing the baby.

Not only that, he didn’t bark at my brother until much later, when he quickly stood up and walked toward the door. He was even willing to lie down with a chew bone while my brother was in the room (the baby was napping elsewhere).


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