Bath Time

We brought some unwanted guests home from our jaunt in the country.

Namely, fleas. I killed one and spotted a second, so bath time it was. Luckily Silas is naturally inhospitable to fleas, so a bath whenever I see them is usually good enough to get them gone again.

This, by the way, is how Silas feels about bathtime:

Bath time

Naked and ashamed.

I honestly can’t quite figure out his attitude toward the bathtub. When I take off his collar and turn on the tub, he will sit right outside the bathroom baby gate until I open it to let him in. Then he walks right to the tub and jumps in. But he looks like he’s walking the plank. I’ve seen humans go to the dentist with more pep. At least he’s willing to hop in on his own these days.

Our current doggie shampoo is this one from EarthBath. I’m not wild about the way it smells, but it’s better than dirty dog. It doesn’t seem to irritate Silas’s skin, which is a plus. It makes great bubbles. I’m glad I don’t hate it, because I think it’s going to last until the end of time. We’ve had it over a year, and it’s still 2/3 full. Silas only gets a bath every two or three months and he doesn’t have a lot of hair.

After the bath we run around like crazy people for a solid twenty minutes. The crazies last longer than the bath.


Do your dogs like bath time? Have you ever actually used up a dog shampoo?

7 thoughts on “Bath Time

  1. You’re so lucky he doesn’t mind the bath! Bath time is a war for us- Del just refuses to get wet- he won’t go swimming either! He absolutely hates getting wet, so we only bath when it’s absolutely necessary. I’d love to have a water-loving dog! Was thinking of a dry shampoo- anyone tried these?


  2. Lol – “naked and ashamed”.

    I used to use up shampoo (and conditioner) every few months when I had 2 dogs. But with Blueberry – I still have the same bottle I bought when I first adopted her back in 2012 (it’s about 3/4 full still) and in addition to that I have another bottle I bought for white fur stains (she had a little yellow on her white tail) and plus she received that bottle of Blueberry shampoo from another dog blogger. I have a feeling those bottles will be around for a really long time.

    Blueberry hates bath time and would never jump into the bathtub willingly. I have to lure her into the bathroom with a high-value treat. It’s a fun game. I have to be quick like a cat and shut the door on her before she has time to grab the treat and run. It’s good cardio for me. 😉


  3. So cute. Love the post-bath pic. Pyrrha LOATHES the bath, or any water on her at any time, really. We take her to a self-serve grooming business when she really needs a bath, and that is easier than trying to wrangle her at home in our small tub.

    We also use the Pet Head “dry shampoo” spray for her when she needs a little freshening up, and that is nice and stress-free! (Even though she kind of smells like a baked good afterward…)


  4. Haha, Kaya & Norman act like they’re walking the plank when I tell them to go to the tub also. They are not allowing in the bathroom so they know what it means when I tell them to go in. Kaya gets in gets in despondently and Norman I have to either pick up or stand over him and make his front legs move with my hands.


  5. My chi loves water so much that I have to sneak into the bathroom and lock the door to keep her out. She sits outside the bathroom door and cries until I let her in. If I don’t drain the tub before I open the door, she jumps right in.


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