Opposite Land

I spent Saturday in doggie opposite land.

Some friends of ours bought a house, and threw a big housewarming party. They have two rescued lab mixes. “Bring your dogs! Bring your kids!” said the party invite. I laughed.

When we got there, the total was four dogs. Two resident, two guest. The two guests were an Australian Shepherd and a pitbull/beagle mix. The beagle mix was an interesting little dog–she was very sweet, but a little nervous about the party. Her owners left as it started to get crowded, after one of the guests who also had dogs picked her up off the ground even though she was obviously terrified of him. Luckily for him she just squirmed her way back down. People like that kill me.

It was an interesting trip into “how the other half lives.” The two labs mingled through the party like pros. From time to time they hung out under the dining room table, but it was mostly because they wanted someone to drop them a cheese cube. It didn’t look obviously like they were getting overwhelmed. They barked when the doorbell rang, but it was a quick two-barks-and-done, not a howling saga like we have.

Those labs were opposites across the board, not just in their party manners. Their people can’t buy dog toys, because they destroy them. One of them chewed apart a Kong. The house had a few tug ropes and a couple of nylabones, and that was it. No jumping up, but one of the labs stuck her head up my skirt. (Do you know, Silas has never sniffed a crotch in his life. Is that a big dog thing?)

Aside from my own dog I have very little experience with them. It’s always interesting to get out and see what “regular” dogs look like, especially this kind of Ideal American Dog. Ideal American Dog, by the way, is nice enough, but a little boring.


5 thoughts on “Opposite Land

  1. The only thing normal about any dog is that it’s abnormal in its own unique way! Managing behaviour quirks/challenges is what unites us all as dog owners!

    And yes, Moses and Alma are occasional crotch sniffers. Maybe a convience thing due to height? I dunno. But it’s embarassing for all.


  2. I agree with Jan and thatjenk – it might be a height thing.- I’m sure little dogs would get in on the action if people would squat to their level. šŸ˜‰

    Yeah, it’s always interesting to watch other people’s dogs and then do the comparison thing. Not that I shoot myself down for Blueberry not being that way – it more or less just reaffirms that all dogs, like people, have different personalities.


  3. Freighter chewed a kong. Must be a retriever thing. šŸ™‚

    Now see the big draw to me of a purebred dog is that you are pretty sure of the temperament you are going to get. Especially if you do your research and look at parents and grandparents, etc. I don’t see myself ever getting a mix. Temperament is a big deal with me.

    Not that it is wrong for others. Just for me I find it important, (If that makes sense).


  4. The first Kong I ever saw was one that my Lab stole from a neighbor’s yard…I thought it was some weird plumbing part … I’m laughing at your “boring” assessment of the party Labs… I’d never quite thought of it that way before


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