Belatedly Wordless Wednesday: Heeling

I shot this video for the behaviorist, then I realized I should share it here.

Not competition level (I honestly don’t even know what competition heeling looks like) but look how happy Silas is.


5 thoughts on “Belatedly Wordless Wednesday: Heeling

  1. Wait a second…towards the end – you had the tug toy, and then I saw both your hands that were empty…tell the truth – did you hold it in your teeth? Because if you did – that is hilarious!

    Oh my goodness – Silas is FANTASTIC at that! Now I feel like horrible dog owner and am going to try this with Blueberry. She has zero interest in toys as a reward, but the treats would definitely work for her too. Silas also looks really happy, alert and totally engaged in this “game”! 🙂


    1. I put it over my shoulder. I am nowhere near crazy-dog-lady enough to put Silas’s toys in my mouth. He was staring at the toy, so I wanted to get it out of his vision.

      Don’t feel bad for not heeling with Blueberry! I do this with Silas because he loves it, he goes crazy if I don’t use his brain for something, and the behaviorist wants me to improve his focus on me in scary environments. I don’t think there’s inherent merit in any kind of dog tricks.


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