Yesterday I realized

something very important.

I didn’t know what was going on until after the fact. We woke up to the noise of an air compressor, then I could periodically hear the sound of a nail gun. I assumed my neighbor was having some work done. When I went out later, I realized that the townhouse complex was repairing some fencing.

I did know that Silas was really anxious. He barked at every sound, all day. Big barks, not just his little alarm barks. He didn’t sleep. He barely laid down. He asked to go outside, then when he got outside he barked, then I made him come inside, then five minutes later he would ask to go out again. If he wasn’t barking, he was whining. By 4:30, I was about to go crazy.

Paranoid Ears
(Listening with his paranoid ears.)

I’ve been resisting putting Silas on a daily medication because he sleeps most of the day. Somehow, to me, the level of hyper-vigilance that keeps a dog awake most of the time was the line in the sand.

Yesterday I realized that the only reason Silas sleeps during the day is because it is completely silent here. We have heavy curtains, and we live in a neighborhood where every person goes to work from 9-5. There’s some ambient traffic noise and some birds chirping. That’s it. When that changes, for whatever reason, we’re well on the other side of my own (admittedly arbitrary) criteria.

Why does “doing the best you can” have to be so hard?


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