This week we fell into a new routine.

I took Silas out walking on Tuesday. Despite the comparatively long walk, he wanted to play all evening. Then we took him out with us to drop off the recycling.

On Wednesday, he slept the entire day. I mean, all of it. We were gone from 5:30-7, so I don’t know about then. We got home at 7, ate some dinner, and K played with Silas maybe ten minutes while I was in the tub. Then he was back to sleep.


On Thursday, Silas and I went to the pet store and the park, after Silas started poking me with a toy at 10am. After lunch there was TRAUMA, as the maintenance man came to clean the front door. (Don’t ask me–we rent.) Silas was terrified. By which I mean, he had a barking meltdown the likes of which you have never seen, then I took him out on the patio, where he continued to bark whenever it occurred to him. To pass the time (seriously, how long can it possibly take to clean a door?) we did some shaping work toward a new trick. Then I played with him the entire time K took a nap at 6. Then we played fetch when I went up to shower. Then we did recalls up and down the stairs after dinner. Then I did his mat work.

Today? Asleep. Like a rock.

I don’t really understand it, but I guess I can go along with it.

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