You Win Some

Silas has a lot of good points that get skimmed over here on the blog, because the BIG NEWS of everyday life is usually generated by his anxiety.

Tuesday at the behaviorist was actually pretty awesome. Silas took treats in the parking lot while we worked on his leash walking EVEN THOUGH a few cars pulled in and out.

Then, on our way back in, a little lap dog barked like a crazy when we came in. (Bless you, little dog owner, for holding him instead of having him on a flexi lead.) This was a bad situation for Silas, because it really was right as we were coming in the door. AKA, surprise barking!

Silas just walked on by. I’m not sure that he even noticed the little dog. Which is both a victory and not–he was really booking it back to his safe place in the exam room.

It was a good reminder for me, though, that Silas is actually not a “reactive” dog in the traditional sense of the term. He will bark at people in select situations (appearing in places he doesn’t expect, or reaching for him when he doesn’t want them to), and he will get a little grumbly with other dogs in select situations (mostly if they get in his space when we can’t get away), but none of his reactions are really vocal for no reason. He almost never barks at a person or a dog just for being where he can see them.

Sometimes it’s nice to remember that there are behavioral problems your dog doesn’t have. (Silas also isn’t destructive and hasn’t had an accident in the house since he was a puppy.)

In lieu of a relevant photo, which I don’t have, I’ll give you tiny puppy Silas looking very angelic:

Baby puppy

5 thoughts on “You Win Some

  1. Baby Silas is ADORABLE!!!

    I think if I had to choose between a dog that wasn’t house-trained as well as destructive and one that was reactive at select times – I’d choose the reactive dog hands down. Silas is a great dog – he’s just selective about what he likes. πŸ™‚


    1. That’s one of his better pictures–baby Silas was mostly bug-eyed and gangly.

      The one I’m always the most thankful about is that Silas doesn’t have separation anxiety. Those poor people.


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