Collars and Leashes

This is a totally frivolous post. I’ll just let you know that in advance.

The behaviorist wants me to try a new kind of harness with Silas. I don’t think his leash manners are really that bad, but whatever. I pay her a lot of money, I might as well take her advice.

What I can’t decide on is the color.

When you have a white dog, the collar and harness world is your oyster. Anything goes. Our current setup is red. I like the red leash, because it has a traffic handle, but six feet is a lot of leash for Silas.

We also have a “neutral” colored four foot brown leather leash. Our last harness was blue. We used the leather leash and he wore a matching leather collar. It looked quite dashing, but the leather collar bothered him. The new harness would be front-clip, so I don’t know about the four foot leash. Will it be enough to keep him out of my way?

This is not counting two long lines, the green cotton web leash that matched his puppy harness, and a basic black four foot nylon leash that I keep in his park bag for emergencies.

So my options are
1) Buy the new harness in red, and use the existing red leash. Keep the accumulation as low as possible, because it’s getting ridiculous.
2) Buy the new harness in any color, and use the brown leather leash. It’s a nice leash.
3) But the new harness in any color, and buy a new leash to match. (I’m thinking green.) Why the heck not?

How many collars and leashes do you own? If you have multiple dogs, you can give a per-dog average. Which one of my options would you pick?

11 thoughts on “Collars and Leashes

  1. I don’t think this is frivolous at all. Being color coordinated is very important. We have combinations of red and gold (San Francisco 49er colors) and blue and gold (University of Michigan) colors.


  2. Hey – this is important stuff! I posted on harnesses and their colors a couple of times I think…

    Sadly, I have a drawer full of failed harnesses (they rubbed Blueberry’s armpits), a couple of leashes that weren’t long enough or don’t quite match and even a martingale I no longer use. I don’t think you are alone.

    I say go ahead and do a little browsing (online or in the store) and that might make things a little easier. Like you said – with Silas being white – you really have a lot of color options – I think green would make a nice addition to your collection though! 🙂


  3. I do like Silas in red! Kaya and Norman just have their every day collars that they only wear while we’re out. And they each have a black leather leash. At some point I want to get them each a nice leather collar though.


  4. Definitely not frivolous! I’d say go with something new and fun… and I’m fond of green! All 3 of my guys have a shade of green collar! Once you figure out if/what setup works best, you can always drop the excess leashes and collars off at a shelter.


    1. I’m not wild about buying *any* harness at this point–I like the one he’s in. But one of my big things with the behaviorist is to trust her process, as long as it’s something that goes along with my training philosophy. Obviously what I’m doing isn’t getting us anywhere, so…


  5. Haha! In SCUBA diving, the joke is that equipment colour is most important – second to comfort and capacity. I continually think that’s the case for dog gear, too!
    If it was me deciding, I’d go for #1 or #2. I’m more of a mix-n-matcher – Moses’ collar is purple, and the leash I use with him is green (still the first leash I’ve ever bought). Alma’s collar is light blue, and the leash we use for her is also green, or she gets a hands-free leash mix of blue/green/orange parts.
    But don’t get me wrong – just because we may use few items doesn’t mean we don’t own a lot more that just don’t get regular use.


    1. Mix and match is a valid option–skip green (too Christmasy on a white dog with a red leash) or blue (too American Patriotic) and get yellow or grey or orange to use with the red leash.

      I’m tempted to go back to the leather leash–six feet is *really* too much leash for Silas (that is, he can build up too much speed before he hits the end), and the traffic handle is low enough that I can’t comfortably hold it and walk, so I might as well just grab his harness.


  6. We have LOTS of collars and leashes. Leather collars, orange collars, camo collars, chain training collars, flat buckle collars, e-collars, invisible fence collars…one of each for each dog and we have some extras up at the cabin and in the cars. Then we have slip leads and various leather and fabric leashes. Mostly we use the leather leashes to walk the dogs. Then don’t forget their show collars and leashes. See you really do not have it that bad! lol I like green…pick green.


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