Home again!

We got a last minute chance to run back to see my family (my husband got called there on a business trip. Hello, free semi-vacation!). Apologies for the blog silence. Now we’re back.

That was a stressful trip. Silas’s medication is messing with his appetite, which is already hit-or-miss when we’re away from home. Plus, my brother insisted on bringing his crawling-age baby every day. Thank goodness the baby thought it was hilarious when Silas did anything, including barking. (Don’t worry. I kept Silas on leash around the baby, and we only stayed around her a minute or two at a time.)

There were great things, though. Like, Silas was mostly fine with the baby. And he went to the bathroom in the parking lot of a gas station.

In lieu of real content, I’m just posting this video of Silas playing with one of the baby’s rejected toys:

Now I’m off to catch up on my blog reading.

3 thoughts on “Home again!

  1. Cute cute video. Silas is sure having fun with that toy. Thunder kind of plays with a horse ball like that. He pushes it in between his legs and barks like a fiend. In fact I had to take it away from him because he got too crazy. 🙂


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