Momentous Occasion

Today we took Silas on an outing.

More than that, we went back to a park that Silas has always been well off of Silas’s radar. We tried once, back in the spring, and Silas was in a blind panic. This park is near a road, you see. It’s a quiet road, and there’s room to get some distance from the cars. Even with that, six months ago poor Silas ran as fast as his little legs would carry him until he found a way to get into the bushes.

Today he trotted off, and then he ran around, and then he ran around some more. Then he found a stick and we played tug. Then he found an old shoe sole and he was the happiest dog on earth running around with the shoe sole.

Then he decided to have a little lie down, get some cookies, and just hang out.

Did I mention that we were maybe 100 feet from the road?

Like this:


Silas walked over to that tree, and then he did this:

So close to the road!

He stayed like that a solid five minutes, even when a large truck drove by hauling a boat.

I’m so proud! We’re still a long way from the sidewalk, but he’s making fantastic progress.


5 thoughts on “Momentous Occasion

  1. That is amazeballs! Pats on the backs all around. I KNEW you guys could do it!! And please don’t get discouraged if the next time, he doesn’t do so well. Keep trying, it will begin to become routine for him.

    Well done!!


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