Round Up

November was like a black hole. I started out the month with a pretty reasonable list of goals, and I got none of them done. None! Not in the blog, not in my dog training, and not even in my non-dog life.

So I’m going to post a mishmash of things and get caught up.

First, because one is sitting next to me right now, I want to tell you all that Nylabones now come in peanut butter flavor. Both the original and chicken flavored ones have enough chicken in them to flare Silas’s allergies, and for some reason the bacon flavored ones only come in the “extra tough” type. Silas does a good enough job tearing up his mouth with the regular ones. (I’m really of two minds about the Nylabone for exactly that reason.)

Secondly, Silas just got a very positive evaluation at the behaviorist. I’m so happy! When the receptionist asked the vet if we needed to come back in for a recheck, she said, “Oh, just keep in touch.” Meaning, we don’t have to go back again in six weeks. We’re going to adjust his medication a little bit, but she thinks I can handle the training stuff from here.

In that same line, Silas is making great progress with the Relaxation Protocol. You have your dog lie down on his mat and relax while you do increasingly harder things over a span of weeks. It’s well calculated to include something bound to set off almost any dog–clapping your hands, counting out loud, jumping, walking away, disappearing from the dog’s sight, knocking on the wall, or (our nemesis) ringing the doorbell. I’ll write more about this separately tomorrow. The doorbell thing was hard work.

I’ll end with some proof that white dogs are hard to photograph. So cute! So overexposed!


Yes, I know his coat is comically small. His bigger, newer, much nicer coat sends him into a depression so deep he can barely walk at all, let alone go to the park.

So what’s going on with you all? I’m about to start making my blog rounds to see what all I’ve missed!

15 thoughts on “Round Up

  1. Silas has come so far. Glad to hear your last behavior vet visit when well. I’m sure Silas won’t mind less frequent doctor appointments.

    As for not meeting your November goals–I think they’re overrated. Sometimes it feels good to channel our inner slacker. 🙂


    1. He’s pretty great with the behaviorist. Obviously she reads dogs very well and knows how to get the best out of them. My *wallet* will enjoy not having to go every six weeks!


  2. Silas sounds like he’s doing really great!

    I must see the coat that throws Silas into a depression. What’s wrong with it? Well, according to Silas, what’s wrong with it?

    I’m always trying to get a reaction of out Blueberry when I do most of those things that you are training Silas to be calm about. My last dog was pretty interactive and Blueberry simply isn’t. Unless it involves firecrackers.


    1. I don’t know what’s wrong with the new coat! I think it touches his tail. I don’t know why that would be a big deal, but it is.

      You should count your lucky stars with Blueberry. Mellowness is underrated.


  3. I wrote about the Relaxation Protocol today! There is so much to love about it.

    Ruby also has a too-small coat that she prefers to the gloom and humiliation of the really nicely fitting, super-warm one. As our highs in Colorado will not be out of the teens for the remainder of the week, I think she will just have to deal with it…

    How do the Nylabones hold up? I had gotten Ruby one of the knobby Nylabone dinosaurs – she was able to chew off small pieces of it pretty quickly and they were so sharp that I became concerned and threw the whole thing away. I’m not sure if the dinosaurs are a different material than the original bones.


    1. Yes! I really think that almost every dog on the planet should do it. Although, it is *so tedious* to actually do.

      As for Nylabones, Silas is not a super-duper chewer. His plain-bone isn’t immediately breaking off in chunks, but it does get really rough and sharp.


  4. Don’t worry about not reaching your November goals. It is such a depressing month to me, I don’t even set goals, just try to get through it.


  5. I am so glad the Relaxation Protocol has helped. I’ve stopped and started that so many times which is a shame because I know my dog could probably use a little anxiety decrease, especially now she isn’t exercising as much as she used to. Maybe it is time we actually duck our heads and get to work instead of just managing everything all the time. Thanks for the nudge.


    1. Aww. The protocol is really insanely tedious. I’ve got a post about managing some of the worst parts scheduled for tomorrow, because so many of you said the same thing.


  6. Oh my goodness. My November was the same way. I’m looking at my list, scratching my head. How could I go a whole month with getting… nothing… accomplished??

    But, that is awesome! Congrats to Silas and to you! I’ve looked into the Relaxation Protocol with Lucas but haven’t ever put in the effort… this has inspired me to look into it again!


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