The Rug

Several years ago, I had a lovely wool area rug. Not an antique, but good quality. Then the pipes in our poorly insulated house froze (this was a different climate) and flooded my floor while we were out of town, and the first responders tossed my rug over in the garage. By the time the carpet restoration people came, the rug was a moldy mess.

We never bothered to replace the rug. We were about to move, and then we got Silas. Puppy Silas was a devoted rug-chewer, so rugs weren’t safe even after he was house trained. He’s a grown-up now, though, and our floor is cold. It was time.

The other day, while I was doing some Christmas shopping, I spotted a rug that I liked well enough and that was inexpensive enough to use as a “trial” rug.

Silas adores the rug.

Rug buddy

He’s usually suspicious of new things in the house, but from the first second I started to unroll the rug, he was running around on it, stretching and jumping.

Now I’m starting to question the wisdom of my light grey rug. I bought it because it matched the dog hair, but it’s quickly taking over from the stair landing as Silas’s go-to spot for chewing antlers and running to eat particularly good treats.

We’ll see how long it lasts. Silas’s love can be a little overwhelming for us all.

7 thoughts on “The Rug

  1. Our house is mostly tile and rug-free. It’s much more dog-friendly that way, and the Newfs like to sleep on cool tile. EXCEPT when they have a treat – then they’ll scamper off to one of the bedrooms with carpet (or beg to go outside). Needless to say, light carpet mixed with dog treats and lots of slobber is not a great combination.
    But it’s good that Silas likes the new feature!


  2. We are mostly a tile and hardwood house, but the dogs hate to “sit” on them and will back up to sit or lie on the area rugs. So cute to see them walking backward to warmth.


  3. The rug looks great! And he seems very pleased with himself (and your purchase of it). I can’t win with floor coverings; Pyrrha has white, black, AND brown hair on her body, so there’s no salvation from visible fur. Le sigh. German shepherds are NOT for the house proud…


  4. I bought Blueberry a runner for the place on the kitchen tile in front of the dog door and she loves it so much. That’s where she’ll sit now to wait for her breakfast, dinner and snacks in between. Isn’t it funny how our dogs can be pleased with something so simple as a rug?


  5. I’m looking to replace a throw rug I have in my living room. It’s become rather frayed but it’s where Delilah goes to eat her treat and any other goodie she deems worthy of chowing. My requirement is it must be washable, I throw my throw rug in the washer all the time! My thought is if you are giving him something to chew, put a towel down first. Sampson chews his treat on our bed and he waits for the towel. 🙂 Do you think Silas would tolerate a towel?


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