Silas likes to sleep with his chin elevated on various things. A heap of blankets. My leg. A pillow. The couch arm. A stuffed toy.

He’s always been that way:

puppy sleeps

Sometimes he comes up with a strange combo, though. Yesterday I looked over and saw this:


Yeah, that’s a knobby-ended Nylabone. Nothing says nap time like a hard plastic object under your neck.

7 thoughts on “Comfort?

  1. Cute puppy photo!
    Alma likes to sleep on her back with all her limbs in the air; it’s very classy and lady-like.
    Moses, despite his size, likes to squeeze into spaces you’d think are too small for him between furniture or partially under the coffee table, but he just makes it work to be close to you. Like Tetris. But furry.


  2. Honey does the same thing. Sometimes she’ll nap sitting almost straight up.

    Makes you wonder, if they can sleep in awkward positions or leaning on a hard bone, why do they insist on sleeping on the most comfy couch or bed?


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