Wordless Wednesday: Love Me


Silas sometimes gets really insistent about his pets.

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Love Me

  1. Silas kills me. I love his splotches. Ruby is pretty particular about her petting – she only likes her head/ears touched when she’s sleepy. Otherwise she prefers you to scratch her inner thigh and will kindly lift her hind leg for you to do so – such an odd little habit!


    1. Silas wants to be rubbed behind the ears or on his chest. That’s more or less it, unless you are quite high up on his good list, then he’ll tolerate almost anything.


    1. Only virtually!

      It’s funny with strangers–he immediately classifies people into like and don’t like. He crawled up in some poor woman’s lap in the lobby of the vet one day, after she petted him for about five seconds. Other people, especially random head-reachers, are not to be tolerated.


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