Knitting Buddy

I’m attempting a pretty ambitious knitting project. Somewhat stupidly, this knitting project is for a baby that’s due in March. I think it’s mid-March, but this is a fifth baby so I’m working with March 1. More stupidly, despite ordering the yarn in October, I started knitting it in mid-January. And even then, to be honest, I wasn’t that serious. When I ran the math last week, I realized that the project was still doable, as long as I spend (please, laugh with me, not at me) two hours a day working on it. And no, my hands will not stand up for knitting two solid hours in one session.

On my side: despite being vast in scale and impressive looking, this is easy knitting. I turn on the Olympic coverage (the athletes did not pick Russia’s human or animal rights practices) and plug away.

Also on my side: Silas adores any plan that has me sitting on the sofa with him. This is how we’re spending a lot of time:

Knitting buddy

Now, excuse me, I’ve gotta go knit.

16 thoughts on “Knitting Buddy

    1. On the scale of lace knitting, this is definitely easier stuff. It is nice looking, though. And huge. I’m starting to worry that this baby blanket is going to be more like a full-sized bedspread.


  1. It’s beautiful. I have far more success at crocheting and actually finally finished a baby blanket that I started about four years ago. Of course it went to a different baby than it originally was intended to. 🙂


    1. That’s one reason I’m so determined to get this thing done. There’s a half-finished one in the closet for a baby who’s probably in second grade.

      Which is, of course, the trick to baby knitting–never tell anyone about it in advance. Especially with clothes, because if you miss the deadline they’re too little.


  2. Wow! Lace! How lovely! Your friend is very lucky!! I’m not a knitter… I absolutely don’t have the personality for it, but my husband took up knitting when he needed a portable hobby for overnight experiments at his lab. He loves it, and I love getting all sorts of knitted goodies. But I’m sending him this to inspire him to tackle lace!!


    1. There are a few pretty well known knitting blogs by men, including a couple who knit lace. Franklin Habit’s blog The Panopticon (which is also hilarious) is the one that springs to mind, but there’s another one that showcases really spectacular lace. I find it’s a good natural progression from regular plain knitting–less fiddly than cable knitting, more intuitive than color work.


  3. I can crochet, and do so sporadically, but not knit. Really, I like the look of knitting projects far more than crochet ones. Ah well.

    And curled up sleeping Silas is adorable, of course! ^^


    1. I think knitting took off as a “hip young” hobby well before crochet, so for a while crochet patterns were still fairly dowdy and old fashioned. Some of the new crochet patterns are really pretty, though.


    1. That’s partly the scale–I’ve got the camera up over my head–but he’s also very compact when he wants to be. I think that IRL he’s bigger than Ruby–about 32 pounds.


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