Another Way in Which Silas is a Freak

I counter condition Silas to the yard guys with kibble. Kibble is the only thing cheap enough, if you want to be brutally honest about it. The yard guys are slow and very loud. It takes a lot of cookies to get through it. I try to dodge the landscapers, but lately they haven’t been sticking to any particular schedule, except for coming on Tuesdays.

This week, Tuesday was particularly bad. The gutter cleaners were here on Monday, so Silas was already on-edge. Then, it has suddenly become spring, so apparently the yard stuff is taking even longer than usual. The guys came by at 10:30. And at noon. And at 2:30. And at 4:45. At 4:45 I was about to go out there and give them a good piece of my mind, but it really wouldn’t have done anything except upset Silas even more.

I keep some of the kibble in a glass peanut butter jar, with the rest of the bag staying sealed up in the pantry. At 10:30, Silas used up the last of the kibbles in the jar, so I refilled it. At 5:00, I realized that well over half the jar was gone again. This meant Silas had eaten something like a cup and a half of kibble.

At 2:30, he hadn’t taken any kibble at all; he’d just wanted me to hold him. At 4:30, I noticed that he was taking the kibble, but then spitting some of them back out. At 5:30, I ate a delicious fresh cinnamon roll from the bakery down the street, and he didn’t ask for one bite. I offered him a small portion of dinner at 9:00, just to be safe. As expected, he turned it down.

This morning, out of curiosity, I took a look at the kibble serving. Two and a quarter cups for a 30 pound dog.

This means that Silas had breakfast, then he had a generous dinner’s worth of kibble, and then he was done eating for the day.

Yeah, my dog eats until he’s full, and then he stops.

8 thoughts on “Another Way in Which Silas is a Freak

  1. Poor Silas! This sounds exhausting for both of you. What a blessing, though, that you can be home with him when all of this happens. What does he do if you’re not there and the lawn guys are? (I guess it could be hard to know, without a nanny cam? Or does he leave evidence of distress?) Poor sweetheart.


  2. Wow – what’s that like? Blueberry would eat until she was stuffed like a Thanksgiving Day turkey and then she’d burp to make room and eat some more!

    Sorry he’s had a rough time with all the activity. Poor guy.


  3. My dogs have taught me to leave kibble down all the time and they don’t overeat. When I used to take it away, they would hide it all over the house like little squirrels.


  4. Oh man. Again, my experience with this doesn’t really match with yours but I was certainly flustered when Elli stopped eating the night before our most recent nosework trial. She didn’t want rabbit. She didn’t want goat. In fact she stopped eating her rabbit meal right in the middle and appeared to be avoiding it. I may or may not have freaked out. Turns out, she’d just had enough to eat that day – complete with dumpster diving at my aunt’s house, lol.


  5. PD (pre-Delilah) Sampson was fed Kibbles and he was a free feeder. I could leave it down all day long and he would pick at it. There was almost always food in his bowl. Just before we went to bed for the night, he would eat. He was always that way, which surprised me considering he was from a large litter.

    The point is that some dogs can be free feeders, it just depends on the dog. But considering your raw diet, I’m curious what kind of Kibble you feed Silas?


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