Wordless Wednesday: The Eyes Have It



(No full-length photo of the knitting, because the light was so bad and I had to mail it ASAP. Silly baby came three weeks early–perfectly healthy, just not on schedule.)

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: The Eyes Have It

    1. The lower eyelid freckle freaked me out at first. Like all of Silas’s spots, it came up as he aged. For weeks I did a double take every time I saw it, thinking he’d injured himself.

      I assumed his eyes would eventually pigment all the way around–he gradually got pretty solid coverage on his top lid–but we’ve been at this level for a year or more.


    1. Knitting is (unlike your calligraphy work) very, very mathematical and objective. Once you know how to hold the needles and read the stitches, it’s just one stitch after the next. A little know-how, a LOT of patience and time.


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