Silas and Breakfast

Here’s a riddle for you: the later we sleep, the less likely Silas is to eat breakfast.

If I get up when my husband’s alarm goes off at 6:30, Silas is sitting on his kitchen mat waiting patiently for his food when I turn around from getting my coffee.

If I’ve had a bad night of insomnia and Silas and I sleep past 10:00, I can almost guarantee that he won’t eat a bite of whatever is in his dish. He’ll take treats, but he’s not going to eat real food. The same goes for the days when I get out of bed and Silas stays upstairs.

Between those two times, it varies.

When he skips breakfast, he’ll wait until 5:00 or so and then chow down his breakfast, his usual snack, AND eat his regular dinner around 8. That’s even on the rare days that he’s eating something I can leave out until he eats it.

This dog really confuses me.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: Silas will not get up with my husband unless I do.


11 thoughts on “Silas and Breakfast

  1. It’s funny you posted this today, on one of Ruby’s unenthusiastic breakfast days. Dinner is usually an interactive event, and one that makes her So! Excited! to eat her kibble. Breakfast, the more hurried meal, is designed to be more enticing, which is why she will get canned or rehydrated mixes. Today’s flavor was Merrick’s “Spring Forward Feast” – she is on her third can and I thought it was a sure-fire addition to our repertoire (at least as long as its available since its limited edition). One sniff, and she backed away from her bowl. I added a little kibble and some bully flakes. Still no. Fine, I sat down on the floor and started hand-feeding her chunks of the disgusting mixture. She eats the whole bowl in this manner. The things we do for our dogs. There is seemingly no rhyme or reason to Ruby’s a.m. pickiness, although I don’t know that it happens on the weekends when we sleep in a little. I know I’m not hungry first thing in the morning, but this would of course be opposite of Silas’s pattern.


    1. Silas has all kinds of food issues. I mean, I kind of understand it–for the first year of his life, food literally made him sick. I caught his chicken allergies when he was a baby, but it took me until he was a year old to realize the extent of the others, then another year and a half for us to figure out a stable diet.

      A lot of them are just wacky, though. Like, he doesn’t want to get his mouth dirty, so he won’t eat canned food if it is level in his dish.

      And, of course, you aren’t *supposed* to baby their stupid food issues, but with Silas’s acid reflux he’ll throw up if he goes too long without eating.


  2. Sampson used to always eat his food when HE wanted it, it never bothered him to be eating a bowl of kibbles at 10:00pm . Dogs have their own personalities too. I can’t imagine Delilah letting me sleep until 10:00 am.


  3. Elka also typically sticks with me.

    Her food, though? Nah, she wants that. Well I mean, she wants YOUR food first. But if she can’t have it, then she’ll go eat hers.


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