Don’t Wake Up the Dog!

I don’t know if Silas was a harder-than-average puppy to raise. I somehow doubt it. Most of his issues didn’t come up right away, although an experienced dog person would have seen warning signs.

What I do know is that I was really not prepared for having a puppy. We didn’t intend to adopt a puppy, and we certainly didn’t intend to adopt one right that minute.

I remember being deeply thankful every time he fell asleep. The catch was that if I did anything to wake him up, it was 50/50 if he would go back to sleep. Waking up the puppy became a huge no-no. Puppy is asleep on your lap and you need to use the bathroom? Hold it. If the dog is asleep on your leg, you are absolved from chores. It’s still the excuse that trumps all other excuses. I had to stop sitting in “snuggle chair,” because Silas would get in my lap and sleep from the time I sat down to drink my morning coffee until lunch time. It was just easier to sit somewhere else.

It’s silly now, because at almost three years old, Silas is a much more determined sleeper. He’s curled up against my leg right now. I know that if I get up, he’ll just scoot over into my warm spot and go back to sleep. I won’t be unleashing the puppy tornado. Still, that first six or eight months left a lasting impression, and I’m sitting here instead of making breakfast.

I wonder if that’s why I have so many pictures of Silas sleeping?

Sweet sleeping dog

That poor dog can't be comfortable.

Sweet dog swaddled in fleece blankets

What's cuter than a sleeping puppy?

Sleepy dog

Annual tradition of watching the Tour de France

Silas sleeps while I read

Warm dog sleeping in the sunshine

Baby puppy sleeping on the back of the sofa.

Sleeping puppy

Or maybe it’s just because they’re so adorable. I do know that when I left Silas with my mom over night, she sent me one text message. It was a picture of Silas sleeping.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Wake Up the Dog!

  1. Those pictures are lovely. There is something so calming and soothing about a sleeping dog, that’s why I have lots of pictures of Del asleep too. I remember the whole ‘don’t wake the puppy’ phase with Del too. Such a lovely- yet stressful- time.


  2. I’ve hesitated waking up Honey so often that I’m probably risking a bladder infection. 🙂

    Actually, given some of Silas’s anxieties, it must be especially wonderful to see him so relaxed. And yes, sleeping is just adorable.


    1. That’s definitely part of it. Plus, he won’t go to sleep when he’s anxious, so it’s proof that he felt secure enough to go to sleep in the first place.


  3. OMG puppy Silas OMG so freaking cute!
    Sorry. Had to get that out of the system.
    Puppies are hard – that’s what I remember most about Moses. But he’s always been a pretty low-key dog. Sleeps as much as the cats! I don’t know, but I assume Alma was nothing but trouble as a puppy.


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