Ready for my close up




I ran across these on my hard drive last week, and I can’t remember if I ever posted them. You see what I mean, now, about Silas having no hair?


I’m working on a couple of big posts, one about dog fitness and my Be The Change/Blog the Change post, so today I’m just going to take a moment to point out some housekeeping stuff that you may not have caught.

First, the blog has a relatively new Pinterest account, here (and I’ve added a Pinterest share button to the bottom of these posts).

Also, I’m really quite chatty on Twitter, here.

For those of you who think I don’t post enough pictures on the blog, I do a little better with Instagram.

Lastly, I wanted a much more simple layout for the blog, so I picked on this one. I really like it, after a year of feeling like my type was a smidge too small. One thing to note is that my never-in-date blogroll, as well as the links to the blog archives, other blog pages, etc, are found by clicking on those three parallel lines to the right of the blog title.


3 thoughts on “Ready for my close up

  1. I like your new lay out! Some blogs are so “busy” – which is fine – but just not my style I guess. I also really like the dark border with the dusty blue interior.

    I love Silas’s close ups. It really looks like he was trying to apply eye liner in a couple of places and just decided it wasn’t worth the effort. 🙂


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