Security Blanket

My pictures of Silas are littered with an assortment of largely disreputable-looking beds and blankets.

We have the grey one, which goes way back to puppy days:

Young puppy Silas

In fact, it goes way back to when I gave it to my husband, probably circa 2001. He resented the dog a little for taking it.

Later on we acquired the yellow one (foreground) and the blue one (background)


My mother gave him the red-striped one:


And, lest we forget, there is a lavender one, which is really just a piece of fleece fabric:


We also have a series of crate mats and dog beds. I keep buying them, hoping to replace this horrible thing:


We tried a really nice one from West Paw, which has somehow ended up staying in Silas’s travel crate:


And we get a lot of mileage from these fluffy ones, which Silas loves so much that we bought three:


(They’re from the pet store in my mom’s town, and I couldn’t risk going without one if he chewed a hole in it.)

Silas prefers them in a stack:


All the blankets

Or in your lap:


But most especially he prefers to be sucking on one as he goes to sleep:




I just go with it. It makes him happy.

I have finally learned to NEVER buy another blanket, because we’re obviously living in the textile version of Hotel California. I can “replace” them however many times I want, but when he roots through the stack to get his old favorites, I just don’t have the heart to get rid of them.

9 thoughts on “Security Blanket

  1. I love Silas and his blanket fetish – he is just so sweet looking sucking/sleeping/curled up in it!

    My old dog Shadow used to soothe herself by licking the carpet – so I gotta say, his blanket thing seems pretty tame by comparison. Imagine coming home to a carpet that looks like it has developed cowlicks in various places!


    1. Suddenly Silas’s love of my high-pile rug makes so much sense. Every now and then I catch him taking a surreptitious lick. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t buy it until he was an adult.


  2. Aww! Moses does that gnawing-on thing with his disgusting teddy bear. The bear is crusty and stuffless and headless, but it’s the only thing he does that with prior to bed time, so I definitely don’t have the heart to throw it out.


  3. Great pictures! I love the ones where he looks like he’s hugging his bedding:) I have a stockpile of fleece blankets that I use on my bed that are in a steady wash rotation. The dogs are certainly miffed if they get stuck with a spot on the sheets instead of the blanket.


  4. Oh my God, he is so stinking CUTE.

    I’ve got a small one of those West Paw blankets; we won it in some raffle or something. Elka doesn’t seem to attach any kind of particular feeling towards it, though. Some Dobermans are blanket suckers, she is not. Though she does like pulling a blanket over to cover a toy, and then play with it “hidden”.


  5. My doggie also loves some blankets. It’s to the point where, if I put down a new kitchen mat or floor rug – he thinks it’s a bed for him and he will only lie there! We have also found him in my boyfriend’s laundry pile (the dirty pile, mind you) snuggled and stacked in there! It’s actually too adorable!


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