Five Things on a Monday

Sleeping upside down

1. Silas accurately pinpointed a weird sound in our living room as coming from the fireplace. We thought he was crazy. When my husband went outside to look, just because it calms Silas down, there was a woodpecker on the chimney.

2. Silas ran into my neighbor outside over the weekend. He was so happy to see her. I need to give her a copy of our house key, because I think she’s the only person in town that Silas would trust to let him out in an emergency.

3. Silas has absolutely no manners when he’s greeting people. I don’t know how to fix it. I mostly don’t let him interact with strangers, because his preferences are a little unpredictable, which makes training opportunities few and far between. He was too skittish to do the meet-and-greet training in our obedience classes.

4. Silas loves five people in the world unequivocally: Me. My husband. My mother. The neighbor. Some random girl in the lobby of the vet’s office, who we will never see again.

5. Silas has largely gotten over his phobia of spray bottles, except for the one my husband uses to clean his glasses. The humans can discern no difference between that bottle and any other.

5 thoughts on “Five Things on a Monday

  1. I’m curious about what you mean by no manners when greeting someone. Does he jump up?

    If it makes you feel better, Blueberry has a phobia of anything liquid I shake up. I blame the ear medication I have had to give her in the past – it always had to be shaken first and so now she associates that sound with unpleasantness and if I shake anything at all – she is the blur that runs out the dog door to safety.

    Silas also loves 3 more people than my Shadow did. She liked me and tolerated my mom. All others were viewed with suspicion and avoided at all costs. So, GO SILAS!!


    1. He jumps, he paws at your arms and legs, he will entice you to lean down and THEN jump up on you so that he can maybe lick your face. You name it. He’s just SO EXCITED.


  2. We saw a big ol’ red headed woodpecker the other day! We don’t see them here very often, it doesn’t seem, and so it was really neat . Also, I swear to God, one of the neighbors has a peacock because I hear it scream in the night sometimes (or whatever else you want to call the horrible noise birds like that make).

    I agree, I’m not sure how to fix the greetings either, if he (and/or strangers) are erratic.


  3. LOL Silas is such the detective…bet he barked he told ya so when you guys saw that bird 😉 Aw, maybe Silas only feels it is necessary to have manners around the only 5 people in the world that he loves…what a picky gentleman LOL.


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