The Best Damn Tiny World

Have I mentioned lately that I love you guys? I was really down around Silas’s birthday, and your comments were just so sweet. Blueberry’s Human from Spotty Spotty Polkadotty scolded me, justly, for the sin of comparison. Then she said this, referring to her previous, less-than-social dog:

Was her world small? Absolutely – but it was full of love and fun and at the end of the day, that’s all that really mattered to her.

I have a lot of anxiety about Silas, because his problems are not minor. The list of things that he cannot do? It has some fairly serious stuff on it, some of which I can’t even bring myself to talk about. So when Silas does something like start refusing to get in the car, I panic. I panic because I envision his 50% tolerance for people eroding as he gets less and less exposure. I panic because it took me years to build up enough confidence for him to be semi-comfortable in some select number of parks. I panic because I imagine every setback as some kind of slippery slope that ends in tragedy.

It’s partly justified, but mostly silly. We did manage to get him to the park one day last week, and he was absolutely fine. Better than fine. Maybe we’re over some kind of hump–with three years of good park experience, a few months away aren’t going to be the END of park going anymore. We met my neighbor outside one day last week, and Silas was thrilled to see her. While we were talking to her, my other neighbor walked out, and Silas really wanted to meet him, too. Obviously, our last few months of isolation hasn’t been a big deal.

So for now, I’m shifting my focus.

Who cares if Silas’s world has gotten very, very small?

We’ll have the best damn tiny world in the universe. 

8 thoughts on “The Best Damn Tiny World

  1. We agree…if Silas is happy, that is all that matters. Dogs are pack animals and being with you and being happy is what is important. Just like people, some are extroverts and some are introverts. Keep accepting him and loving him for who he is!


  2. Good for you. The rest of the world isn’t that nice anyway. Have you thought of getting a doggie companion for Silas. Peer pressure works in the dog world.


    1. Good heavens no. I’m afraid it would backfire terribly, and Silas would teach the new dog to be bad. More pragmatically, we don’t own our house, and it’s much easier to rent with one dog.


      1. I have a four year old pit bull named Brea, who was very fearful of almost everything and everyone. I agreed to take Brea when her original owner could no longer keep her, not realizing that she had so many issues. A year and a half ago I got a six week old German shepherd mix puppy, Siri, hoping that she would be a good role model for Brea, and it has worked out pretty well. Siri is one of the most happy, well-adjusted dogs I’ve ever known. Brea is still pretty reclusive, but she’s getting better. She’s no longer afraid of those mysterious objects that appear out on the street once a week (trash cans!) I don’t think she’ll ever be “normal,” but I’d like to think that she’s at least a little happier now than she was when she first came to live with me.


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