Last Week’s Victories

Oh, we had a rough week last week. The cats. The regular landscapers. The gutter cleaners, who came a week early and walked on the garage roof. We had more level 4 outbursts (on a 1-5 scale) this week than we’ve had in a long time.

But, there was some good stuff, too. Life (and Silas’s nerves) settled back down from Thursday on through the weekend, during which all of the following happened:

–I finally found a vitamin that Silas is not immediately disgusted by. If he’s still eating it next week, I’ll give you all the details.

–Silas’s beloved neighbor walked by on the sidewalk just as we turned in the gate from one of his mini-walks. He went back out the gate to meet her. I can’t even tell you the last time Silas went out the gate. He was probably less than eight or nine months old.

–The next night on our sidewalk walk, when we got to the front gate there was an elderly pug walking our way. I deliberately take Silas out between after work walkies and bedtimes walkies, so we haven’t actually met a dog on the sidewalk in ages. Silas really wanted to meet Mr. Pug. I asked permission, we did a quick sniff, and then Silas was so excited he accidentally walked at least fifteen more feet down the sidewalk. Fifteen feet past the gate, people! He’s also starting to linger at the gate instead of bolting through, presumably because the hedge corner by the gate is the neighborhood’s most happening pee spot.

–Silas got in the car with zero drama, so we went out for ice-cream. (I got an extra cup and gave him a spoonful of mine.) Silas found this acceptable.

Can we rest now?


16 thoughts on “Last Week’s Victories

    1. Indeed! I try to make sure and write these things down, because they’re so easy to lose track of. Silas is really much better, in a lot of ways, even though his big problems are still big.


    1. IKR? It was so quick that I actually didn’t even realize it had happened. Then later I was like, “Wait, Silas met her on the grass. The grass is outside the gate. I know we went in the gate. What happened?!”


  1. I’m glad you had a good end to your week after all the stress at the beginning. If I were you, I’d try to put Silas’s favorite neighbor and that friendly pug on the payroll. 🙂


    1. I know! Friendly neighbor is our emergency person in town, so she sort of is. (It was a real issue that Silas didn’t like anybody well enough for them to even let him out to potty if we got stuck away from home.) The pug’s owner thought we were crazy, I suspect, given my flailing and Silas’s terrible leash manners. Strangers don’t realize that their regular walk around the block is our super big deal.


  2. Love that picture! That’s what I feel like after I eat ice cream too:) I wonder if Silas would be braver on walks if he had a walking partner like Mr. Pug?


    1. Probably. There are lots of reasons we can’t have a second dog, but I do wish we knew someone with a really happy dog we could follow around the block.


      1. Ya, that’s what I was thinking but it’s hard. I’ve tried and failed several times at setting up “dog dates” with their people.


        1. We went on a puppy date with a little Cavalier King Charles back in the day, and Silas humped him the entire time. I never heard from the Cavalier’s owner again.


        2. We went on a hiking date last year and their dog fell off a walking bridge(no one’s fault though), fell 20 feet down to a creek bed and had to be rushed to the vet. The dog was fine but we never heard from them again:/


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