Product Review: I and Love and You Super Power Powder

What a product name!

A few months back my local Whole Foods picked up the I and Love and You product line. As one does, I cruised through all of their offerings, which include a variety of supplements, remedies, and food. They only have a few things Silas can eat, and I’ve been slowly trying the most appealing of them.

We started with their Salmon Sauce, which is a pretty typical salmon oil supplement. Even though Silas is allergic to salmon, salmon oil seems to help more with his itchiness than any of the other fish oils. We’ve now officially switched to this one from our old pump-top bottle, because the dispenser is the only 100% mess free fish oil we’ve used. Not one drip!

I had initially bypassed their daily supplement. It’s a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none kind of mix. It has some glucosamine and chondroitin. It has some digestive enzymes. It has some vitamins. It has some micronutrients. It doesn’t have a lot of any of those things, though. To pull a random example, the product has 150mg of glucosamine in two teaspoons, which is the recommended serving for a 50-100 pound dog. I’ve seen glucosamine recommendations as high as 1000mg for a dog that size. Another example at random: Super Power Powder has 7.5 IU of vitamin E. Mary Straus at Dog Aware suggests 1-2 IU of vitamine E per pound for dogs who eat raw diets.

To be fair, I and Love and You does not market this food as a supplement to homemade raw diets. Their copy quite clearly states that they’re hoping to compensate for the natural loss of nutrients as prepared food is cooked and stored. Adding 100% of the RDA for all the key vitamins on top of a prepared food that is intended to be nutritionally complete would be too much. This same premise that makes it safe for kibble-feeders makes it a less than perfect vitamin for people who feed homemade raw.

Even though the vitamin amounts are not ideal for our needs, this supplement absolutely wins where it counts:

Silas will eat it.

The I and Love and You vitamin powder stinks (literally). But apparently one of the things it stinks of is its natural peanut butter flavor. After his initial new-food skepticism, Silas has been eating it just fine. (Although, writing this review, I’ve realized that we still aren’t up to the full daily amount.)

We have rejected a lot of vitamins over the years. The Pet-Tabs the vet prescribed when he was a puppy have failed several lead contamination tests. Ian Billinghurst’s E-Barf Plus seems to bother Silas’s stomach, even though Silas didn’t mind the taste. It also doesn’t list vitamin quantities one way or another. Silas would rather starve than eat the Animal Essentials Herbal Multi-Vitamin I bought after I exhaustively researched the most perfect supplement Silas could eat. The nice, basic-but-solid blend from B-Naturals has chicken liver, as do many of the others on the market. We used a powdered greens mix for a while, but Silas wasn’t wild about it. Many raw-feeders recommend using a human multivitamin, but Silas is too small.

The bottom line: we’re happily accepting that a less-than-ideal supplement is better than none at all. Since Silas does eat some prepared “complete and balanced” food, I’m comfortable with the compromise.


Fine print: I bought this myself.


11 thoughts on “Product Review: I and Love and You Super Power Powder

    1. The only problem I have with the salmon sauce dispenser is that the oil gets a little thick for it in the refrigerator. Once you’re under half, it gets hard to get the oil out of the bottle. I have to periodically let it warm up to room temperature with the bottle upside down.

      We’ve used the Bixbi pork treats before. I like them, but my local shops don’t stock them. I’ve really cut back on all of my online ordering. Their vitamin mix is definitely one of the ones I’ve looked at, but we haven’t tried.


      1. I have given the Skin + Coat formula to dogs past and present and find it very effective for itchiness. Ruby’s and Boca’s coats are *ridiculously* soft and shiny, and possibly due to the overkill of supplement, oil and skin & coat treats!

        I’m trying to shop local for the most part, too, especially since discovering another great new indie pet store not too far from me, and yet *another* just opened to check out. I still do order most of my Tripett and canned varieties from Sit/Stay, although I’m disturbed by all the packaging that entails.


  1. Oh – I found their dehydrated food at my local Sprouts (Whole Foods is really far away from me) and Blueberry loves it! I usually just mix a little bit of it in with her regular kibble to give her something more exciting to eat at dinner time.


    1. I have a box of The Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated food that is never going to end, so I haven’t tried the dehydrated yet. They do make a turkey flavor, which is always exciting.


  2. Hey – just looking over the rest of the I and Love and You products (their kibble is 5 stars on Dog Food Advisor) and noticed their Simply Sea one is cod-based! I don’t see any other protein in it, either, aside from herring. No sneaky chicken fat.


    1. Very good to know. I rarely look at kibbles anymore, although I do like to keep a bag on hand for low-value treats. That one does look like one Silas could eat; fish kibbles so often have salmon.


  3. Thanks for this. I have seen this brand at my local Fresh Thyme Market and Kroger, and have been curious about it. Now I definitely want to try the salmon sauce.


  4. I had to switch to salmon oil capsules because the liquid was giving them stinky fish breath and they give a lot of kisses so it wasn’t so pleasant for me. They also get coconut oil which is much nicer on the breath:) They also get missing link for glucosamine and vitamins. Not sure they need it all but they like it!


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