Kong Time

In the infancy of the blog I published a recipe for Kong filling that I still really like. However, these days I’m a lot lazier less concerned about the finer points of dog nutrition.

My Kong recipe has settled down to something of a halfway point between the two options I mentioned there.


This is a very unscientific process:
1 can pumpkin
a few dollops of plain yogurt
A spoonful of peanut butter
A drizzle of molasses (Silas doesn’t like too much, but he likes some.)
A handful of frozen raspberries. I particularly like them, because they break up as you stir. If you’re using bigger fruit, you might want to puree or chop it.

Stir together, scoop into Kongs.

I gave away my 6-hole muffin tin in a fit of downsizing, so I’ve had to adopt this bread pan instead:


I probably should have washed the frozen bits of Kong filling off before I photographed it. Keeping it real.

Some of these are obviously not Kongs. The blobby orange one is a West Paw Tux. I really love the Tux for freezing, but it’s quite easy to empty non-frozen. The long orange one is a Bionic Urban Stick. It’s a great sturdy option, but difficult to wash. Don’t pack tightly is my advice. You can see in my bottom picture that I put a cookie in before the filling.



(I could swear I published a version of this already. I can’t find it, so I’m doing it again.)

12 thoughts on “Kong Time

  1. Okay, this post is packed with good ideas! I love the muffin tin (or bread pan) idea, and while Ruby loves berries I have never thought of including them in her Kong filling! Ruby won’t eat when I’m gone so I’ve stopped leaving her with a Kong, but as I move into one-on-one clicker training sessions with the sisters, I have a new use for Kong time!


    1. Silas is also weird about Kongs when I’m gone. Sometimes he’ll eat one, but mostly he’ll wait for me to come home, then slurp it down like he was starving as soon as I come back.

      We use them for a snack around 5:30, to distract Silas from barking at the sudden increase in ambient noise as the neighbors get home.


  2. I love all the ideas for Kong fillers here, thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think our pups are getting bored with theirs’ so we will definitely be adding some yoghurt / raspberries / canned pumpkin ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. I may have to try this for Blueberry. I was put off by Kongs when my last dog, Shadow, ate part of the Kong to get to the tasty center. It seems like such a great way to keep a dog busy for a bit.


    1. Dogs are either Kong eaters or not. Silas still uses his puppy Kongs (the blue ones), which are a very soft rubber. He’s never dreamed of chewing on them.

      They make a black version which is supposed to be indestructible, but nothing is indestructible to a really determined dog.


    1. I’ve tasted it; it’s not bad, but it’s not as sweet as humans would like. I use the molasses because it has trace minerals, but I don’t want to sweeten very much.


  4. We’re always looking for new Kong ideas around here! The ONLY thing mine will eat when I’m gone is food from a Kong. (I’m so happy somebody else has so many! A friend saw all the Kongs stacked on my counter and went “Do you have enough of those?” Actually, no, because I use them every day.)


    1. I could use one more, actually, because I always wind up with one Kong’s worth of filling left over.

      Next time ask your friend how many coffee cups she has.


      1. I always have one kong’s worth of food left over. Always. I have adjusted my amounts up, down, and around, but I always have one more and no more kongs left. Or I have just enough to not want to waste, but not enough to fill one up. It’s my weekly Sunday night mystery.


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