Are dog people saps?

Or am I just broken?

I’ve had to start putting my beverage down before I read Pinterest, after I almost choked myself laughing over sentimental dog memes.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Silas. I also love my husband, even while he’s slamming cabinet doors and leaving the toilet seat up. Real love is not endless adoration.

Here’s a sampling of some of the recent offenders. (I tried my best to find attributions for these. No dice. Note to bloggers: if you want credit, you’d better start watermarking your images, because pinning a permanent link seems to be too complicated for people.)

And if I had to pay someone a dollar every time I wanted aliens to come and take him away, we’d be about even.


How about one from the “dog virtues” genre?

When I’m in a bad mood, Silas avoids me. If that counts as patience, I am a zen master.


How about this one:

No, when someone says they don’t like my dog, I’m usually sympathetic. Must be the barking and lunging?


I could go on all day, but we’ll end with the one that inspired this whole post:

I’m a bad person for laughing at this, aren’t I?

9 thoughts on “Are dog people saps?

  1. I love your warped sense of humor. For me, the laughter usually happens when people talk about how sweet puppies are.

    Honey was a terrible puppy. And the delightful puppies I’ve fostered stopped more work than a transit strike.

    Yep, dog lovers are saps. Or at least the ones who spend more time on social media admiring dogs than actually living with them. 🙂


    1. Puppies are horrible. That’s why they’re so cute.

      The instructor at Silas’s puppy kindergarten said she loved it–like a grandma, she could snuggle the puppies and watch them play, then go home to her house full of well-trained adult dogs.

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  2. I’ve had these same evil thoughts on more than one occasion. No one seems to remember the many disgusting unsocial things dogs have been known to do but I guess those things are not inspirational.


  3. Okay, I love the last one because it looks like Ruby. I am a sap, but also pragmatic. I think in my Gotcha Day list, I covered equally touchy-feely and “trial by fire” changes Ruby has prompted. I did fail to mention that patio makeover was prompted by mulch-eating…


    1. Oh, I’m a total sap about many things. Even many dog things. But I roll my eyes a lot, too.

      I’m not sure that endless gushy affection does real dogs any favors. I think I need to make a meme that says “Sometimes I hate my dog, and that’s okay.”


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