Sometimes it’s Good to Get Away

In the last month, I’ve been out of town ten days. Ten whole days, and not because there was an out of town family emergency. Aside from three sub-24 hour trips, I think these ten days are the only times I’ve ever left him for “fun” reasons.

I think it was good for both of us.

My husband, spared the day-to-day brunt of Silas’s problems, tends to be significantly less paranoid than I am about inadvertently contributing to Silas’s issues. I worry about pushing Silas’s limits, because I’m the one who cleans up the fallout when we go a step too far. I’m overly conservative, though, and it winds up holding him back.

While I was away most recently, my husband decided Silas could go for walks every day. Sometimes they went twice. I’d been sticking to my extremely cautious three times a week schedule, and there they were going twice a day. And you know what? It was fine. We’ve taken him every day but one since I got home last Friday, and he’s still fine. (Although, sigh, he’s showing some problematic stranger behavior. I’m hoping he’ll habituate to the fact that other people sometimes use the sidewalk, because he’s both a long way from being happy enough to take treats out there and very rigidly set in walking the One True Route.)

It was also good for me to get away. I came back not just with a better training plan, brainstormed in the sensory deprivation of an airport hotel with spotty WiFi, but also with a renewed sense of optimism.

I’ll leave you with a little video of Silas racing to the door, happy to go for a walk:

I never thought I’d see such a thing.

Do you enjoy time away from your dogs? Or is the mere idea horrifying?

8 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s Good to Get Away

  1. I remember when I’d first met my boyfriend and was staying over at his house for nights on end… I left Elli at my house, thinking she’d be fine. She and I had spent the day together at my house and on the trails after he went to work… and then I came home one night to her having destroyed the door to her kennel. It was all bent out of shape and wouldn’t close tight again. I knew then that leaving her alone was no longer an option. And I worry about leaving her for more than a few hours at a time. She needs her people. And I love her too much.

    I also don’t typically travel without her. I don’t even trust most people to babysit for us. So, when boyfriend is talking about going to Disneyland for Christmas… and I’m like, what about Elli and Riko? And he’s like… oh. And I’m like: SORRY, ain’t gonna happen.


  2. I laughed at the One True Route. I’m glad you were able to have some time away!

    I’ve been so lax with any sort of training plan lately, other than scrambling to do Boca’s class homework a few nights before the next class.

    I’m fairly comfortable leaving the girls with my aunt, but I haven’t had a need to do that overnight as of yet. She has a small yard so walks aren’t necessary.


  3. I think I feel nervous about leaving because of his “reactivity” issues. If he was a more happy go lucky kind of dog, I’d probably have no problems, but sometimes I worry if I leave him with someone that can’t quite handle his freak-outs on walks.


  4. It’s good Silas was able to experience something different with your husband. I think dogs do get different things out of different relationships. Maybe the best thing you can do for Silas’s training regiment is to plan a few fun outtings for yourself here and there.


  5. Cute video! I do not enjoy time away from my dogs, I dread leaving them with a sitter, I miss them terribly and appreciate them more when I get back:)


  6. It is so good and necessary to get away! Although, whenever I’m gone, I’m worried about them and how they’re faring. (Of course, nothing ever goes wrong, but… what if?!) I’m so glad you got to enjoy your time away! Sorry to hear about the Stranger Danger Silas is experiencing. I empathize and hope he overcomes it quickly!


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