Silas likes to sleep with his chin elevated on various things. A heap of blankets. My leg. A pillow. The couch arm. A stuffed toy.

He’s always been that way:

puppy sleeps

Sometimes he comes up with a strange combo, though. Yesterday I looked over and saw this:


Yeah, that’s a knobby-ended Nylabone. Nothing says nap time like a hard plastic object under your neck.

Wordless Wednesday: Blue, Blue, Blue

We’ve been bordering on drought again this summer, and apparently the rain was very welcome. Muggy, but so beautiful and clean looking:


No pictures of Silas from this outing. There was already a dog in our “happy place,” so we were on the scary side of the park. No time for photos; this was just a quick snap on the way back to the car.

He stayed happy enough to end up like this, with just a bad moment or two:


Change in the Weather

We switched unseasonably hot for unseasonably cool and wet over the weekend. I walked down the street to the store on Saturday and practically ran back to the house. “It’s cool outside! Get the park bag! Let’s go!”

The rain on Friday was pretty epic. There were trees down in the park, even:


We did manage to find one little mud-free area, so Silas got to run around on his long line for a while:




I think it was the first time in months that he’s been outside for more than fifteen minutes. (His choice, not mine.)

It will be back in the 90s, although fortunately low 90s, starting tomorrow. I’m hoping to get one more good park outing today before the late summer weather returns to usual.


Also, I’m playing around with redesigning the blog, since it’s been more than a year with my hasty initial plan. I’m not sure if I like the new version, since you have to click through to the posts. That always annoys me. We’ll see how long it sticks. I also made a new page for our training goals.

Wordless Wednesday: Dog and Baseball

Silas found this baseball at the park.

He wanted to chase it, but mostly he wanted to roll on top of it.

Yes, there is an incredibly loud exercise class on the other side of this field.

(Also: I’m getting a notice that there may be ads in this post. This seems to be, d**n them, a new level of WordPress hell. Please let me know if they become a problem.)