You Are My Sunshine

When we finished obedience class the first time, the instructor gave each dog a little stuffed toy while the handlers filled out an evaluation form.

Silas got a stuffed sunshine. Sunshine hasn’t been his favorite toy, but with it’s perfect, chewable rays it has filled a certain niche in the toy chest. Probably because he was weaned too early, Silas chews on a blanket to put himself to sleep. (Preferably *the* blanket, which, thank goodness, started off large and sturdy and should have many years left in it.) If blanket isn’t available, he’ll settle for something else, with a strong preference for my husband’s pockets.

In times like these, we bring out the sunshine toy.

But Sunshine has been looking a little sad. After eight months or so, he is nearly bald, with only one lone ray left unchewed:

Sad Sunshine

(Note that Sunshine still has a fully functional squeaker and all the stuffing. That’s how Silas rolls. Also, every one of those chewed-off bits was left neatly to the side.)

I was thrilled to spot a New Sunshine in the store, and you’d better believe I grabbed it up. Usually the first thing Silas does to a toy is to chew off the label, so we’ve had bad luck replacing things that he has loved to death.


I have to admit, seeing the pair of them makes me pretty happy.

4 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine

  1. It’s a really cute toy, it is making me smile right now. 🙂 My dogs love to de-squeak the toy. But not always right away, believe it or not we’ve had toys for years that have survived, but then one day, tick, tick, BOOM. They’re gone.


  2. Where did you get that toy my dog has one she loves and my other dog tore it up. I really need to replace it.


    1. My local pet store carries them. Zanies is a PetEdge brand. You can either order from PetEdge (although they’re a bulk operation, so they have a minimum order) or you can look them up on Amazon.


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