All The Turkeys!

After two months of spotty turkey availability, I have to confess that I went a little crazy.

Two whole turkeys.

Three tubs of turkey liver.

Three packets of turkey giblets.

One turkey back.

I would have bought more, but I was afraid I was going to run out of freezer space. It turns out that I could have maybe fit in one more turkey, which I will almost certainly be doing if I catch one on the post-Thanksgiving sale.

Then I went across the street to the pet food store, where I asked if my dog could eat a freeze dried cat food. (Silas loves Stella and Chewy’s Freeze Dried food, but they don’t make one he can eat. They make a turkey-only food for cats. The clerk thinks it would probably be fine as our emergency food, especially if I add a few additional vegetables. The cat food is a higher meat content and a higher fat content, which we might want to cut down.)

This is what food allergies do to you.

On the up side, pork is still working out. On the down side, pork is actually not any real help. Pork is more expensive than turkey, and it also isn’t really a common dog food ingredient.

4 thoughts on “All The Turkeys!

    1. Yes! We’ve had some big breakthroughs on the “convenience food” front, which is wonderful. I’m really fine feeding him raw turkey forever, if that’s what it takes, but there are just scenarios where it doesn’t work. I’ve actually got a whole post about some new things I’ve found scheduled for Friday.


    1. Things were certainly booming at our market. I’m wondering about getting one more turkey today, even. I can make the most use of something in the ten pound or under range, which isn’t incredibly common anymore.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.


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