Record Keeping Solution

For those of you who were on pins and needles:

Training log

My new baby. Err, notebook.

Saturday I ran down to my local dealer (of stationary and fine pens) in search of the answer to my training records problem. I am not a digital person when it comes to things that need to be jotted down. I don’t like being tethered to my laptop, because I tend to get sucked down the internet vortex.

I wanted paper good enough that I could use with a fountain pen. I was really just after one of the French grid-style notebooks (Rhodia and Clairefontaine are the best notebooks I’ve found for fountain pen users, and I like their grid rule for anything that might resemble a list.)

Then the heavens opened up and shone down on this Rhodia Meeting Book.

Room at the top for dates and goals. A larger left hand column for reporting what happened. A smaller right hand column for “Action items,” where I can extract what needs to be worked on in our next session. Paper nice enough that I can use both sides of the page, even with my wider nibbed fountain pen.

Training log

Yeah, I love fancy office supplies, and I have prissy handwriting. Also, if your eyes are good enough to read that example page, I am making excruciatingly slow progress training Silas to sit to the side instead of out front.

5 thoughts on “Record Keeping Solution

  1. I like that idea! I have a calendar spiral notebook where I keep track of all dog related things. That way, I can look back and have notes and dates if needed when/if we need medical care. Also, I keep track of behaviors.

    As a training tool, I am sure your book will keep things on track and you’ll be able to see the progress too. Great idea!


  2. I can tell this is going to be something really useful for you and a record you’ll keep for a long time…so it only makes sense to use fine materials…There’s something alluring about good papers and pens…And I love your handwriting…it’s very neat…Mine usually starts out ok but by the end of a note-taking session it’s barely legible chicken scratch


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