Silas vs. The Bath Robe

There was evil in our laundry room this morning. Scary, scary evil.

I was sitting on the sofa drinking my coffee, and I hear Silas making little quiet barks. I assume that he’s barking out the patio doors–sometimes he can see Evil Squirrels Who Must Be Punished. When I looked over, he was facing into the kitchen. This is pretty unusual, so I got up to investigate.

Silas led me right through the kitchen to the laundry room, where we saw IT.

Silas vs the bathrobe

An old robe that I’d washed and left hanging on the clothes bar while I decided what to do with it. When I hastily put away the drying rack last night, it pushed the robe against the wall, so that it was not hanging like the laundry is “supposed to.”

I pulled it out from behind the rack, let Silas give it a good sniff, and then he got a cardboard box from the recycling bin and went on his merry way. (Then I recreated the scene of the crime for you all.)

I hate to laugh at him when he’s scared, but sometimes you just have to.

10 thoughts on “Silas vs. The Bath Robe

  1. Ha! That is pretty funny. My closet door fell off the hinges last week and Norman Norman stares wide-eyed at it every time we go near that corner of the apartment. I have to open it to get his food out and he stands in the far corner of the kitchen and then he can’t eat if it’s in his line of sight, like it is going to come get him. So sad:(


    1. Oh, poor guy. Silas can’t forgive my parents for cutting a door into the wall of their duplex when my grandpa’s health got bad, so that mom could run next door without going out into the weather. The door did not exist before, and thus it is a PORTAL OF EVIL. Nevermind the fact that he’s visited more often with the door than he did without it. EVIL.


  2. Haha – it is really hard not to laugh when dogs are so suspicious about weird stuff sometimes. Especially when the reaction is so precious and tiny. Elli did the same thing about an evil blanket laying on one of the recliners just the other day. It was clearly plotting to attack her when she wasn’t keeping it backed into that corner.


    1. Silas has pretty much come to accept that things within the house are okay. Every now and then he throws me for a loop. Some of the time it’s funny, but others just break my heart. One day last week I burned something on the stove and turned the exhaust fan on. I was dealing with it, and when I turned around a minute later I saw that Silas had dropped his dinner mid bite and flattened to the ground in terror. The kitchen door was closed to keep him from running off with his food, and he had nowhere to go. 😦


  3. I have to wonder what Silas was seeing…did it look like a large human or a ghost? Clearly it was “something” to him (and yes, it’s OK to laugh)


    1. It looked more human-like in the original than it did in my recreated picture, so I guess that’s what bothered him. Honestly, though, sometimes, “This doesn’t look right!” is enough for him.


  4. Sometimes you have to laugh otherwise you’ll just feel sorry for him and not help him to get over things. It’s like the advice our vet gave with adoption of the first “special” (blind Hiker) “Laugh, otherwise you’ll just feel sorry for her and she’ll be afraid to do anything.”


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