I’ll never be one of those famous dog bloggers, for lots of reasons. Aside from too many words/too few pictures and all that other stuff, my brain goes like this:






I’d call it some kind of ADD, except these phases can last for months. I circle back to everything in time, and nothing is ever completely gone. Whatever I’m “in to” at the moment does tend to take up 75% of my conscious brain time, though.

This used to bother me a lot, usually because I’d spend a good bit of my discretionary income on something and then change hobbies. What I’m realizing more and more, though, is that it’s actually good for me to put my energy in new places. (Although, I have learned to set myself some limits on new ventures that require money.) Sometimes the crossovers between Hobby A and Hobby B turn out to be very fruitful, in surprising ways.

For the last week or two, I’ve been spending most of my internet time reading about women and fitness, body acceptance, and nutrition science. (If you’re interested in any of that stuff, start with Go Kaleo, a blog written by one of the more awesome women on the planet.) This has led to some changes around the house, which have led to me having ALL THE ENERGY, to lapse into internet-speak.

ALL THE ENERGY then translates back into dog training, of course, which is a very good thing.

Moral: don’t feel bad for doing what your brain really wants you to do. As Pamela at Something Wagging likes to say, “good for the dog; good for you.”


As kind of an aside, Susan Garrett is about to open her Puppy Peaks class (which I will not be taking, because all my dog training money is going to the behaviorist). As a lead up to her classes, she always runs a pretty interesting series of free videos, intended to get you hooked. The first one for Puppy Peaks is here. I really like some of the things she says in this first one. Just beware: whatever you think about Susan’s methods, which I personally like a lot, she is extremely good at marketing her products. It’s so easy to get sucked in that I really debated posting the link.

5 thoughts on “Crossover

  1. I’ve learned to accept myself as a butterfly, going from flower to flower, interest to interest, hobby to hobby as I go through life.The dogs won’t let me abandon them as an interest, however, not that I would want to.But they have a way of keeping us grounded.


  2. Holy woof! You sound so much like me. My current obsession is home decor and no amount of “hey, shouldn’t you be packing/blogging/working/cleaning/baking for the dog” can seem to capture my fancy.

    I would like to have ALL THE ENERGY though, so I’ll have to check out the link.


  3. I’m the same way with hobbies. Now I’ve decided that really some of the are seasonal hobbies so it’s okay to bounce around. Trying new things helps us become who we are : )


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