Fat and Happy

We took Silas for his checkup with the veterinary behaviorist two weeks ago. (Yes, I am a bad blogger.)

He was so happy!!! to see her. He was jumping on people for pets and trying to climb the desk to see the receptionist, you name it. This is what happens when you have a dog who is unreliable with strangers–his manners are terrible.

I got a good report on his behavior walking around outside her office. I was hoping he would walk on her sidewalk. That was a big no, but he was at least less panicky to just be outside in the parking lot. Plus we got big bonus points because he didn’t bark back at a little reactive fluffy dog.

The behaviorist was sympathetic to his current road block, which is that he still has a lot of fear-associated habits, even now that the fears are gone. So, for instance, he is perfectly comfortable on our sidewalk, unless we try to walk even one step past a certain point. Then, he’s as bad as ever. Alas, her best advice was to just keep doing what we’re doing.

So, things are good. Lots of room for improvement, but good.

When the behaviorist weighed him for his new short-term medication dosage, we got quite a shock, though. Silas is up to thirty-seven pounds. Oh my goodness.  He’s really best around 32 pounds. We’d been hovering around 35, which is okay but not great. I checked as soon as she said 37, and sure enough I have to dig in to feel his ribs.

It turns out that with a dog shaped like Silas, you just don’t get the other indicators. He still has a waist. He still has a pretty extreme tuck-up. He doesn’t look that much heavier. But he’s busily turning into a little butterball. I think he’s given me so much misery about eating since summer that I haven’t been paying enough attention to what he is eating.

Now, more exercise, fewer cookies.

Has your dog ever snuck on a few pounds while you weren’t watching? What gave it away?

17 thoughts on “Fat and Happy

  1. Since Ruby is so busy, her weight and body condition are easy to maintain – Couch Potato Boca can easily slide to the pudgy side. My dad is living with me full time now, which means they get full-time extra treats so I really have to watch their rations.

    So proud of you & Silas!


    1. I think that we’ve shifted from a Ruby to a Boca. LOL. Silas used to be really busy–overly busy–and then age+calming his paranoia have made him pretty lazy.


  2. Glad to hear you’ve gotten encouragement from your behaviorist. Sounds like things are going well.

    I have the opposite problem with Honey. I actually found her down 5 pounds and didn’t notice until Steve from SlimDoggy pointed out she was looking a little skinny. Lucky pup finds it easy to stay skinny.


  3. I find it hard to tell with Blueberry too – I think because she is an odd shaped dog. I thought she had either gained or stayed around the same; so imagine my surprise when I took her to the vet last month and her weigh in was 39 – unlike her normal 42 pounds! I was happy – because thinner is better for a dog with hip issues.

    I’m glad the behaviorist was pleased with how Silas is doing. Even though he sounds like he got over-excited in his greetings – I think it’s a win that he wasn’t afraid!


    1. I’m glad to see you back around again. I’ve been a struggling with blog motivation myself lately, so I’m sympathetic, but I missed hearing from you.

      And I always thought Blueberry was bigger than that! Like, 60 pounds.


  4. So glad the checkup went well! The image of Silas trying to climb the desk is cracking me up. 🙂

    Silas sounds like Suki. She always has a waist and a good tuck-up, but her weight has varied a lot over the years. At her heaviest she was 85 and at her lightest she was 62, but at both weights she was in good health. She’s around 65 now and that’s where I’m trying to keep her because she has hip dysplasia. It’s hard for me to imagine her being 20 pounds heavier than she is now, but when I look back at old photos she looks fine.

    Then we have Reese, the perpetual porker. At least I can use him for reference when I feel like one of the others is getting chubby…


    1. I think a lot of fat dogs are fat because people just don’t know what to look for. But I’ve definitely seen dogs whose owners were doing everything right, and they just stay heavy. Like people, I guess.

      Silas has actually been as low as 30 even, but I felt like he was a little too thin at that point. He probably wasn’t, which means he’s overweight by a lot for a dog in his size range.


  5. That’s awesome that he was so happy at the behaviorist!

    Norman found himself at the vet today & he weighed in at 69 pounds, 3 pounds up from the summer. Not sure if it’s muscle or fat but he looks the same & eats the same so oh well:)


  6. Silas must have been a very good dog lately to get all those extra cookies that led to being “fat and happy.” Last time mine got weighed she was DOWN to 27 pounds. She doesn’t have a weird shaped body, but she’s so FLUFFY between haircuts that it’s hard to tell when she’s lost too much.

    Way to go at the behaviorist, Silas! Keep kickin’ butt!


    1. Yeah, I don’t know how people with longer haired dogs handle it.

      Silas has just been eating pretty poorly for a while (umm, obviously because he doesn’t need to eat more), so I’ve been “luring” him into eating. Plus, he gets a food toy as our neighbors come home form work, and I think my husband has been really overdoing it.


      1. Hmmmm….they make “bully flakes” that I use for Daisy when she’s being picky about food or when we’re in a new place. I just sprinkle some on her food, and she’s all over it. Don’t know how Silas would do with it though, considering his allergies. 😦


  7. My dogs got bigger and bigger when they were on the kibble. Before I knew it they were grossly overweight. Thankfully, the raw diet took care of that. You’ll get him back down there.


  8. My first time here! I’m fat and happy, too. Lady noticed my weight gain when I returned from summer camp. She didn’t even need to put me on the scale, but when she did…6 pounds in 2 months. It’s been a battle ever since. We worked so hard and I gained another pound. I just don’t have the energy I used to. I’m on fat chow, which I like, but Lady still gives me raw carrots and hummus for snack, and tiny bits of my favs. I am also on thyroid meds after a blood test said I needed them. I am thirteen and half. Glad Silas got a good report.


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