Belly rubd

A few random thoughts for you this fine Thursday:

Silas is finally back on track with his food! Phew. It only took four days and some coaxing to get him to eat breakfast at a regular time on Wednesday. Once I get him back on a schedule, he usually sticks to it. I think he could tell that I was about to take him to the vet just in case.

‘Tis the season for package deliveries, which means I’m trying to train Silas to run to his crate when someone knocks on the door. Only the mail lady waits for me before leaving the package, so I don’t have to get there instantly. How do your dogs handle the UPS person? Silas is not a big fan of people knocking on the door, as I think I’ve mentioned before.

In other holiday news, I can’t decide about putting up the Christmas tree. What do you do? Silas was just a puppy last year, so we didn’t bother. This year we have childless couple decoration apathy, plus his crate is in the best tree spot. Not to mention that every one of our ornaments is glass. Maybe I’ll just get a little potted tree for the table top.

Lastly, I’m miffed at the cable company. Just when I realized that Turner Classic Movies was the perfect channel to leave on for Silas while I’m gone, they pulled it off of our plan. Lacking 100% doorbell free television, I’ve had to start running my iPod through the speakers. First world problem of the finest kind, no?

Forgive my lack of narrative here. I’m pooped from doing the last of the in-person holiday shopping.


5 thoughts on “Randomly

    1. I think that’s what we’ll do, too. Or, in this climate, I might buy a rosemary. They trim them into fir tree shapes and sell them at the fancy grocery stores.


  1. I love that picture!

    Glad to hear that Silas is back on track. As for the movie channel, why not just leave a radio on? That’s what I do for the pack (they like country!) I know some people just leave CNN on all the time.

    We don’t “do” Christmas. Just can’t be bothered. I usually work and if there is any celebration it’s somewhere else. We’re not really fond of having people over, it’s just not my thing.


    1. We don’t have people over, either, but we’re expected to go back home for the big family to-do. Not having Christmas here also makes it seem silly to put up decorations. I *like* them, but it’s hard to see the point.


  2. I’m glad he is back on track for eating!!

    We have no plan for deliveries, the doorbell rings and the dogs rush to the door followed by BACK BACK, WAIT, GET UP HERE….LOL then I peek thru the door to see who dared disturb us. 🙂

    We put the tree up and gate it off, that is because we have a tree surfer, who will remove and destroy ornaments. I don’t think I need to mention any names.


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