Blog Appreciation: Ask Fisher

Back before Christmas, Pamela at Something Wagging This Way Comes asked people to participate in a Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange.

Pamela matched my blog with Ask Fisher.

I’ll have to confess, I was a little amused at the idea of a cat blog. I mean, all they do is sleep and bat things around, right? (Don’t shoot me, Jobi. I’m allergic, so I’ve never had a cat.)

Jobi’s blog happily disabused me of that notion. She also showed me some pretty neat stuff.

First up, check out Jobi’s lovely watercolors. I love this Christmas-themed one, especially, but there are lots of others around the site. Jobi also offers these watercolor portraits on commission at

Now, we all know cats are funny. That’s what the better half of the internet is devoted to proving, right? Well Fisher the cat is funny and smart. Fisher writes an advice column for other pets that is serious advice wrapped up in a funny package. Take her advice column from a few Christmases ago. Now that is a cat with an appropriate attitude. The best way to access the archives of the Ask Fisher column is by clicking the “Pet Advice” tag.

Jobi also shares a lot of interesting cat products. Look at this incredible emergency kit! (Dog people, we need to up our game.)

Fisher herself sadly passed away last year, but her spirit lives on in the blog and its archives. I’m glad this blog exchange let me “meet” her.

(I know this is supposed to be a blog hop, but I don’t know what I’m doing with that part! I hope this code thing works:)

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5 thoughts on “Blog Appreciation: Ask Fisher

  1. You found some lovely links. And I also really loved the sweet advice to the older pet who needed a bit of quiet at Christmas.

    See, cats are pretty cool, huh?

    It looks like the linky tool code didn’t work. I saw on the site they were having problems with the new WordPress upgrade. But, I did save your link to the hop so others can find it.

    Thanks so much for joining the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange.


  2. I’m going to head over and check them out. Cats to me are a constant source of amusement. Bob Stone who has since gone to live with his mother in Nebraska, made me laugh at least once a week. 🙂 Nice job on the pet blogger gift exchange.


    1. Thanks! I’d have gotten a cat ages ago, but I’m fairly sure I’m allergic. Knowing what I know now, I should have offered to foster one to double check. But now we have Silas, and I’m not sure he could handle it even if I could.


  3. You are so sweet! I am just getting to it now and I have my happy feet on. I just got through a huge ordeal with my computer and I even ended up (on purpose) wiping out the hard drive and everything! Then, I finally after days and days get it all working (and I have no idea how) and here is this great post. We kitties over here think you are really a Perfect Dog with a tendency toward modesty.


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